Frequently Asked Questions 


  1. What is Digitura’s Automated AP Solution (AAPS)?

It is a cloud based technology software platform that automates accounts payable (AP) to allow for the electronic submission of  purchase orders and invoices for processing, approval, and payment.


  1. Why should one's accounts payable (AP) switch from paper purchase orders, invoices, and payments to the AAPS?

Basically, cost savings, employee productivity, visibility, and efficiency. Independent studies suggest most private companies and public agencies spend from $3 to $13 to process a paper invoice, and switching to an electronic system such as the AAPS will cost the agencies only $1 to $3 to process an invoice.


  1. What other software program or hardware are needed to access and use the AAPS?

A special software program or hardware is not needed. What is needed are an internet connection, browser (Microsoft Explorer, Google Chrome, etc.) and a desk top computer, tablet, or smart phone.


  1. How does one sign up for the AAPS?

Complete the “Contact Us” form on the Digitura website and a member of the Digitura team will contact you to begin the process. Once subscription is completed and approved by Digitura, your designated Administrator (normally Finance AP) will receive an email invitation with instructions on how to sign on into the system. Once inside the system, the Administrator can set up users (employees and vendors) and send them email invitations to log into the system.


  1. What are the current key solutions or services provided by Digitura Technologies, LLC?

APPS solution as well as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and APPS integration solution.


  1. What is the monthly cost to use the AAPS?

It is between $495.00 and $1,795.00 a month, depending on the type of solution or solutions subscribed. There are no hidden costs.


  1. Is there a monthly limit on the number of purchase orders, invoices, and payments processed through the AAPS?



  1. Can an analysis to determine the exact cost be provided?

Yes. Complete the “Contact Us” form on the Digitura’s website and a member of Digitura’s team will get back with you within 48 business hours.


  1. Does the AAPS have to be integrated with one's ERP before it can be used?

No. It can be used as a standalone system or integrated with the agency’s ERP.


  1. How accessible and reliable are the APPS data in the cloud?

The AAPS uses Google Cloud Platform that provides secure and dependable hosting services with redundant locations and servers.


  1. How secure are purchase order, invoice, and payment data sent and received through the system?

The AAPSI uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) standard security technology, provided by DigiCert, which provides an encrypted link between the cloud web server and browser. The link ensures that data passed between the web server and browser remain secure, private, and integral. DigiCert is a reputable and award winning company, based in Utah, U.S.A., with more than 80,000 customers worldwide, including Yahoo, IBM, Toyota, PayPal, Facebook, and NASA.


  1. How many years can the data in the AAPS system be kept?



  1. Can purchase order, invoice, and payment data be downloaded from the AAPS anytime?



  1. Are other solutions from Digitura Technologies, LLC planned for the future?

Yes. The AAPS and ERP/AAPS integration solutions are Digitura’s premier and only solutions for now. However, other solutions are in the works and will be announced and made available when they are ready.


  1. What is the cost to tone's vendors to use the AAPS?



  1. Does one have to manually process payments through its bank?

No. All payments (ACH, Credit card,  Debit card, and Check payments) will electronically go through the one's bank account but not manually through the bank itself.


  1. Does one pay one's bank any ACH, debit card, or credit card fees for payments using AAPS?

No. Any fees are built into the AAPS monthly subscription.


  1. Can one pay one's vendors via paper checks?

Yes. Paper checks can be issued outside of the system and the record of payments captured and saved in the AAPS.


  1. Does the AAPS provide email notifications of purchase orders and invoices sent as well as payments made?

Yes. The email notifications can be enabled or disabled in the system.


  1.  What is dynamic discounting pay early offer?

It is an option in the AAPS that allows one to offer one's vendors early payment of invoices, based on the agreed payment terms, for a percentage discount on the invoice.