Accounts Payable Automation Software
Accounts Payable Automation Software

Accounts Payable Automation Software

 Cloud Based Invoice Management and Payments 


Are you still processing paper invoices and mailing payment checks? Are you experiencing lost invoices and missing payment terms of your vendors, performing tediously manual approvals, and/or continually calling vendors to verify or correct invoice and payment information?

 If so, it is time to go paperless now with Digitura's accounts payable automation software! No more shuffling paper, copying files, fishing through cabinets, chasing down approvers, or mailing payment checks! Save valuable time and money now!

 Designed and built specifically for small to mid sized local governments and private businesses, the AP automation software allows organizations to electronically and efficiently submit purchase orders; receive, approve, and/or pay invoices; communicate with vendors; and ensure transparency and visibility. 


Why AP Automation Software from Digitura?

Our end to end solutions optimize and improve the management of invoices and payments at a minimal cost for maximum efficiency. So, purchase order, invoice, approve, and pay with confidence while communicating effortlessly. That simple. 

The cloud based software works for all - local governments (municipalities, counties, districts, and townships), government agencies (transportation and railways), businesses (retail, auto, utilities, and healthcare) and institutions (churches, non-profits, and colleges).



Key Features of AP Automation Software

Our innovative AP Automation Solutions come with many features to help streamline and simplify the current accounts payable process of your organization. Below are some of the key features: 

o P.O. Revision
o P.O. Flip Invoicing
o Approval Delegating
o Credit Notes
o Static and Dynamic Workflow Invoice Approvals
o User Action Audit Trails
o Automated OCR Invoice Data Capture
o ACH, Credit Card, and Check Payments
o Duplicate Invoice Checks
o Dynamic Pay Early Discounting
o Portal Messaging

o E-Mail Notifications


accounts payable automation software   accounts payable automation software   accounts payable automation software
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Key Benefits of AP Automation Software

 Our solutions can help save your cost of invoice processing and management by up to 70% and increase the efficiency of your accounts payable department. Below are some of the key benefits: 

 o efficient submission and approval of invoices
 o compliance and improved audit ability
 o realization of hidden revenue via early discounts
 o documented communication
 o time savings
 o cost avoidance and savings
 o efficient payment of invoices
 o transparency
 o increased employee productivity
 o visibility
 o error reduction through automated validation

accounts payable automation software

Contact us about your needs or for a demonstration of our software and how it can significantly improve your current accounts payable process. We are here to help.